hydrohalt, sealux n silicone backer rod

HydroHALT is an advanced upstand seal for
shower trays and baths that is higher performing
and more versatile than ‘stick-on’ butyl adhesive strips

Here in Sealux, sealing joints is our obsession. The HydroHALT Sealing System is innovative in design but traditional in its use of proven materials and best practice installation methods.

HydroHALT is an innovation leap that offers clear benefits over butyl adhesive stick-on seals in terms of material composition, installation versatility and product performance.

Sealux is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of patented shower tray and bath sealing systems. We manufacture a range of seals under our own brands and the trademarks of leading suppliers in the ‘shower’ market who have chosen Sealux as their joint seal partner.


Download the HydroHALT Brochure

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Architecture Ireland June 2016


Check out how simple HydroHALT is to install

Install during installation of tray or bath

• Simple to Install

• New & Existing Installations

• Regular, Slimline & Upstand Trays

Install after installation of a tray or bath

• Flexible & Durable

• Perfect with Liquid & Mat Waterproof Tanking Systems


Installation Options

Install HydroHALT during/after fitting a shower tray or bath

Install HydroHALT over a shower tray or bath with an upstand

Install HydroHALT over an existing shower tray or bath ledge