DIN 18534 Part 1:2017 Recommendations in Respect of Sealing Showers

DIN 18534: deals with waterproofing for indoor applications

DIN 18534 Part 1: Details requirements and principles for design and execution

DIN 18534 Part 1.8: Addresses planning and construction principals.

DIN 18534 Part 1.8.5: Deals with design detail.

Sealux HydroHALT Joint Seal and Liquid Wall Tanking

Sealux HydroHALT Joint Seal and Mat Wall Tanking

DIN 18534 Part Specifically addresses the sealing of areas under/behind baths or shower trays.

Areas under / behind bath or shower trays must be protected against water.

The sealing of these areas is to be carried out as follows:

  • Connect the bath rim to the sealing layer, for example with though sealing strips or frames
  • Continuation of the sealing layer under and behind the trough, possibly with underfloor drainage.

Sealing joints on the tub rim are not a seal within the meaning of this standard.

HydroHALT meets relevant DIN 18534 Part 1:2017 recommendations.