Installing HydroHALT ‘OVER’ an Existing Joint

Installation Option 3.

Installing HydroHALT over a ledge and over joints less than 2mm (2 Steps).
(1) Bond HydroHALT to the wall (See steps 301-315)
(2) Fillet seal the joint with Sealux-N (See steps 316-319)

Installation Guide

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Professional Installers

Professionals installers familiar with using sealants may elect not to apply masking tape to the wall as in (303).


installation_option3-finalNOTE 1: If using tile adhesive to bond HydroHALT to the wall, no masking tape is required on wall other than small pieces on the wall line to ensure the upper strip boundary is aligned correctly on the wall. We recommend a thin set class C2/C2F tile adhesive mixed to a slightly more liquid than normal consistency to fully engage the fleeced surfaces of HydroHALT.
NOTE 2: If adhesive bed (a) will not bond HydroHALT to the wall, draw a wall line 20mm above ledge and follow details shown in images 312-314.
NOTE 3: The thickness of backer cord (BC1) should match the anticipated compressed tile adhesive thickness after tiling (Figs. 225/320).

split-cordSPLITTING THE BACKER CORD? Refer to Fig. 1.
WATERPROOFING? Waterproofing liquids & matting membranes should extend 50mm below the upper edge of HydroHALT (Figs. 225/320).