Product Design

The HydroHALT Sealing System promotes a menu of three key components:

      • The Sealux Strip Membrane
      • A Foam Backer Rod
      • Sealux-N Silicone or equivalent
Shower Base with no Integral Tile Flange
Shower Tray/Bath with a Tile Flange

The Sealux Strip is a 100mm wide, 0.5mm thick waterproof membrane. The strip is part fleeced to provide mechanical adhesion with approved sealant adhesives, thin set mortars and liquid applied waterproofing compounds.

The strip is revolutionary in design not just because it has a fleece-free red tinged surface (a) that provides a tenacious adhesion with Sealux-N silicone (or equivalent), but the strip is also reversible making it a versatile sealing solution that can be installed either during or after the installation of baths and shower trays with and without tile upstands attached.

When the strip is installed to seal a shower tray or bath with an integral tile upstand, the red tinged surface (a) of the strip faces the tile upstand. When the strip is installed to seal a shower tray or bath with no tiling upstand, the red tinged surface faces the installer.

The Foam Backer Rod is an adhesive backed 6mm x 12mm closed cell foam material. We recommend the backer rod is installed when sealing shower trays and baths with no tile upstand (where the joint width permits). The purpose of the backer rod is to ensure the silicone depth inside the joint will not restrict the necessary stretching required to accommodate joint expansion.

Sealux-N Silicone is a neutral curing sanitary grade low modulus silicone that has been tested and approved for installation with all Sealux Sealing Systems. Sealux-N is highly elastic and capable of tenacious adhesion with the red tinged portion of the Sealux strip.

Refer to Sealux-N data sheets for code compliances.

Design: We believe the dual use of the Sealux strip, with or without backer rod in combination with Sealux-N silicone (or equivalent), delivers a upstand joint sealing assembly that is superior to all other bath and shower tray joint seals in respect of: material composition, installation versatility and product performance.

Designed to Standards: Construction codes of practice worldwide adopt the same proven principles in respect of sealing movement joints in shower environments. Issues covering sealant selection, the use of a backer rod and the need for joint substrate preparation to enhance sealant adhesion are accepted principals innovatively addressed in HydroHalts’s unique design.