Questions and Answers – Product Installation


Q.1) I am a competent DIY enthusiast, can I install HydroHALT myself?

The simple answer is most certainly yes. The DIY installation instructions provided with the product are easy to follow and supported by website animation and ‘quick-flick’ slide show.

Q.2) Is Sealux-N the only sealant compatible with HydroHALT?

Sealux-N is the only sealant tested and approved by Sealux for use with HydroHALT. This does not mean Sealux-N is the only sealant fit for purpose when installing HydroHALT.

It should be understood that the installation instructions provided with HydroHALT are tailored for the use of Sealux-N, having regard for its material properties including the workability, flow consistency, curing time and use as a sealant adhesive.

Q.3) Will Sealux-N bond to all shower wall surfaces?

Sealux-N will bond to most shower wall substrates including plaster board, cement board, cement laminated board, plywood, cement plastered walls. In renovation projects Sealux-N is suitable for bonding HydroHALT over tiles.

It is critical the installer ensures the shower walls are clean, dry and structurally sound!